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  • Frierson

    Frierson is an unincorporated community in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana.  Frierson is located approximately three miles north of the I-49 North - South corridor at exit 186. Frierson lies along Louisiana Highway 175 in the northern area of DeSoto Parish.  When looking for a place to do business in DeSoto Parish consider Frierson for quick access to Shreveport, Louisiana to the north.

    To view a map of Frierson, Louisiana use this link: Frierson, LA Map

    Here you can view Demographics for DeSoto Parish and Communities:

    DeSoto Parish Demographics with Communities

  • Gloster

    Gloster is an incorporated community located in DeSoto Parish.  The community has a land area of 1.26 square miles and a water area of 0.01 square miles.  Gloster occupies an area along Hwy 5, just east of the Kickapoo area at the intersection of Hwy 171 and Hwy 5.  The small community of Kingston is to the east along Hwy 5.

    The are large privately owned tracts of land in the Gloster area.

    To view a map and the demographics for Gloster, use this link to View the  North Louisiana Economic Partnership website and  DeSoto Parish and Gloster Demographics 

  • Grand Cane

    The Historical Village of Grand Cane is strategically located on the newly finished Hwy 171 four lane divided highway that connects Lafayette to the south to Shreveport to the North.  Grand Cane is a great place to locate your new business or industry.  With Mansfield to the south on Hwy 171, Shreveport to the north on Hwy 5 and easy connection to I-49  by Hwy 5 to the Frierson exit or north on 171 to the soon to be completed Hwy 3276 improvements at Stonewall.

    To view a map of The Historical Village of Grand Cane and the demographics of the community, use this link: Grand Cane Map and Demographics

    View the DeSoto Parish Demographics.  

  • Keachi

    Historic Town of Keachi is located at the intersection of Hwy 5 to the east and south, Hwy. 789 to the north and Hwy172 to the west in DeSoto Parish.  Hwy 5 East provides direct access to the North - South Corridor of Hwy 171, a major four lane highway that connects Lafayette to Shreveport.  Hwy 789 to the North connects to Shreveport and Hwy 172 travels west from Keachi to Texas. The town has a total area of 5.0 square miles of land, of which o.20% is Water.

    The Town of Keachi, although a small community is a great place to establish your business and is ready for you.

    View DeSoto Parish Demographics

  • Logansport

    Logansport has many resources. It is a town rich with history, a beautiful riverfront park, and excellent schools, with up-to-date facilities, many churches, and an abundance of friendly people. Though we are a small town, we are not small in our visions. We have a Downtown Master Plan for the development of our community core. In accordance with this master plan we have begun an aggressive campaign to spruce up our town, as evidenced by the newly painted buildings and new awnings on Main Street.

    If you’re considering DeSoto Parish as a location for your business, Logansport, Louisiana invites you to consider its community as your new business home. With its location on the western boundary of DeSoto Parish, on the Louisiana – Texas border, it offers you easy access to both states and the many new Oil and Gas industries established here. Logansport is open for business and wants your business. Come visit our town, meet with our board members and let us show you what we have to offer in a new building site, land available to purchase, or existing building for sale in the area. Logansport offers a safe environment for your company and its employees. We are a small town with a vision.

    For more information about the Town of Logansport please visit

    View DeSoto Parish demographics.

  • Longstreet

    Village of Longstreet is conveniently located on Hwy 5. A great place to raise a family away from big city influence convenient to Shreveport, La located within a 25 minute drive, south to Logansport, La. connecting to Hwy 84 for Texas access and convenient access to I-49

    The Village of Longstreet was once a thriving small town in the 1920’s and 30’s. The community is once again beginning to thrive, being centrally located with easy access to many major crossroads. The Town of Longstreet has a water tower not only to help with the Fire Station but to sell water to the Companies that are working in the area on the natural gas production. Also located within the Village is Lynch Auction House, Gan Trucking Company just on the outskirt of the Village limits and a new company just moving in that will provide service to the natural gas production. The Union Pacific Railroad line runs just east of the community.

    To contact the Village of Longstreet about water sales call 318-697-2008. Our Town Hall is located at 13451 Hwy. 5 Longstreet, La (P.O. Box 3130) 71050

    View DeSoto Parish Demographics

  • Mansfield

    The City of Mansfield is the parish seat of DeSoto Parish.  Mansfield consists of 3.7 square miles.  The city has a robust economy, property available for development, up-to-date technology and a growing friendly community.  

    The City of Mansfield is experiencing Industrial development at a rapid pace.Mansfield has many opportunities for economic growth available and welcomes businesses. Mansfield is just minutes from  I-49 North-South corridor from Lafayette to the south at I-10 and north to Shreveport at I-20, providing easy trucking access to major highways. Other major highways passing through the City of Mansfield is the newly completed upgrade of Hwy 171.  This four lane highway has opened additional properties along its' corridor for development.  Hwy 84 connects Mansfield to Texas in the West and to I-49 to the East.

    The Union Pacific Railway runs through the City of Mansfield providing access to Rail.

    When looking for a great place to locate your business in DeSoto Parish, come to the City of Mansfield.

    To view a Map and Demographics for the Town of Mansfield, use this link: Mansfield Map & Demographics

    To view DeSoto Parish Demographics use this link: DeSoto Parish Demographics

  • Pelican

    The community of Pelican is located in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana.  Pelican has access to I-49 to the east.  Pelican is just west of Hwy 175 and east of the recently completed four lane Hwy 171 via Hwy 512. The community is just north of Pleasant Hill and south of South Mansfield and Mansfield, Louisiana.

    To view a Map of Pelican, use this link: Pelican Map 

    To view Demographics of Pelican, use this link: Pelican Demographics

    View DeSoto Parish Demographics

  • South Mansfield

    South Mansfield consists of less than one square mile of area.  It is conveniently nestled just south of Mansfield and east of the newly upgraded Hwy 171.  When looking for a great place to do business you should come to South Mansfield, Louisiana.

    View DeSoto Parish Demographics

  • Stanley

    Stanley is an incorporated community located in DeSoto Parish.  The community consists of 2.17 square miles with a water area of o.o2 sq. miles.  The community occupies area along the East - West US Hwy 84 corridor. Stanley is a quiet community between Logansport and Texas to the West on Hwy. 84 and the City of Mansfield and South Mansfield to the East on Hwy 84. The Stanley community has large tracts of land along Hwy 84 waiting for development.  When thinking of convenient access in a central East-West location within DeSoto Parish you should consider Stanley, Louisiana.

    View DeSoto Parish Demographics

  • Stonewall

    The Town of Stonewall is located 6 miles south of Shreveport,La. on La. State Hwy. 171. The Town limits are currently 1 1/2 miles from I-49 via State Hwy. 3276. Stonewall is the fastest growing community in N. Louisiana. The population count within 5 miles is 5500 and growing, with many new subdivisions this will continue to increase.  Business growth and expansion is steadily increasing also.

    To view a Map and Demographics of the Town of Stonewall, use this link: Town of Stonewall Map & Demographics

    To view DeSoto Parish Demographics, use this link:  DeSoto Parish Demographics

    More information is available on Town of Stonewall website


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